What people are saying about Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers

It helps children to appreciate music and explore their own creativity in an atmosphere of support and encouragement, while building a strong musical foundation. Many of the concepts overlap with the principles of math they will be learning in kindergarten and they don’t even realize they are learning- it’s such fun!



This simple, half hour weekly class will aid in empowering him when it is time for kindergarten. I asked Aidan how he felt about his piano lessons and he said “I want to take piano lessons until I am one hundred.” He is so proud of his ability and accomplishments with each lesson and home practice.


It warms my heart that we have found a fun and completely age-appropriate music activity. I want my children to enjoy learning and appreciate music in all forms and this has been an exceptional experience so far for all of us.


We love the one-on-one time each week rather than a group session. She always comes out of her lesson happy and with a smile on her face.


The program is extremely enjoyable which keeps kids interested and excited about learning more.


If I knew music was this much fun I would have started when I was much, much younger.

Student, 5 years old

Is my child ready for Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers?  

3-year-olds change so quickly!  If your child does not meet most of these readiness indicators today, check back in 3 or 4 months.  You may be surprised at the progress and we'll be waiting!

  • shows interest in the piano

  • like moving to music

  • knows the difference between banging on the piano and playing the piano

  • responds well to questions when asked

  • sits and listens to short stories with interest

  • follows 2-part instructions (i.e. “Find your red sock and put it on the bed.”)

  • confident when speaking with adults

  • happy in a setting where you were not present

  • easily brought back to task when distracted

  • knows body parts by name (i.e. hand, finger, toe, head etc.)

  • potty trained

  • speaks clearly and makes self understood in most situations

  • can wiggle just thumbs when asked

Music is math, and learning one automatically develops ability in the other.  WunderKeys piano for preschoolers uses music and math card games, musical math songs, patterning activities, finger warmups, lesson book activities, and other great surprises to instill a love of music and a strong mathematical skills foundation in preschool-aged children.  But don't tell them!  They think they are just having fun.  

What parents love about WunderKeys

Preparation for academic success

Self confidence

Resilience and problem-solving

Life-long love of music

Happy, excited learners

Why Accent Music Academy?  

Because learning music is a personalized experience at Accent Music Academy.  Because learning music is an enjoyable experience at Accent Music Academy.  Because learning music is a fulfilling experience at Accent Music Academy.

Children of all ages learn using fun characters, silly mnemonics, games, coloring pages, singing, actions, digital apps, and great music.  Did you have this much fun in your childhood piano lessons?

Adults often find themselves peeking at the apps, games, and action songs (and why shouldn't they?), but they also set goals for personal growth and achievement, stress relief, and enjoyment.  

What kids love about WunderKeys

Adorable Wunderbie characters

Finger puppet lesson activities

Fun learning games

Singing, dancing, and playing the piano