Partner lessons match two students with one teacher for an hour of instruction, musical games, and comeraderie all for the price of a 45-minute solo lesson.  

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partner lessons


Private Lessons

Private lessons are the traditional lessons you may have taken as a child, and what you probably think of when you hear the term "organ lessons."  Teacher and student meet together weekly, assess the student's progress and discuss new material.  Private lessons' key strength lies in the fact that students get one-on-one attention and the teacher can easily tailor the curriculum to the individual's needs and goals.  On the other hand, without engaging in other musical activities, private lessons can be somewhat isolating for the student.

Private lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute formats, depending on the student's needs.  In-person and online options are also available.

Partner Lessons

Partner lessons combine the best of both private and group lesson formats.  Two students share a 60-minute lesson, trading off at the organ for progress assessments.  While the overhead for personalizing courses of study for each student remains low, the students gain a "organ buddy" that can be a valuable resource for the dreaded "I want to quit" days.  

Partner lessons are offered only in the 60-minute format and work best of the partners are at approximately the same developmental level.  In-person format only.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are ideal for beginners that just want to test the waters.  Groups of four students meet together weekly to assess progress and discuss new material.  While curriculum personalization is reduced, the possibilities for learning from one another and via games and other off-bench activities are endless.  

Group lessons are offered in the 60-minute format only and require that students be in similar developmental stages.  They work best for beginners and elementary level students.  In-person format only.

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Organ Lessons