Accent Music Academy

Meet the Academy

Wunderkeys piano for preschoolers

Aided by finger friends, the WunderKeys program guides preschoolers with no musical background through a magical journey in which they acquire piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic basics that prepare them for future success at the keyboard instrument of their choice.  Recommended for ages 3-5.

Private, small group, or online lessons

With a variety of organ and piano lesson formats available, there's something for everyone.  We teach traditional one-on-one lessons, partner lessons, group lessons, and distance lessons via the internet.  Recommended for ages 5-105.

Academy Accents

Academy Accents programs offer unique opportunities for students to explore musical expression and skills above and beyond traditional lessons.  Offered as-needed, topics include practice skills, performance, recording, nursery rhymes, composition, and technology in music, to name a few.  Recommended for all ages.

1154 SE Highfield Ave.

Hillsboro, OR 97123