Academy Accents

Tech Wizards

Tech Wizards know what great music-making technology is available out there and how to use it!  Want to know what's so great about GarageBand?  This Accent is for you.  Trying to figure out what MIDI is or why you should care?  This Accent is for you.  Confused about notating your compositions for publication?  This Accent is for you.  Got other great music gear you want to share with others?  This Accent is for you.

Power Practice Skills

We used to hate to practice.  (Sound familiar?)  But then we learned how to do it right.  Join us to become a Practice Ninja--someone who maximizes their accomplishments in each practice session; enjoys practice (you heard us!); and capitalizes on their strengths to overcome practice challenges and become the master musician they want to be.

Composer of the Month Club

Bach?  Chopin?  Led Zepplin?  Who's your favorite musician/composer?  We bet we can study anyone you can name in Composer of the Month Club.  Each month, we'll study the life and music of a different great musician through stories, listening, playing, and other projects.

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