What is

Accent Music Academy?

Accent Music Academy the school in which students learn to love music.

"...[She] races me to the piano and quivers with excitement when we get there...."

Accent Music Academy is happy, empowered students.  Learning a musical instrument is a significant investment, so it should certainly be an enjoyable one.  Students and parents share in curriculum choices and musical styles.  Practice skill development eliminate the "don't want to practice" blues.  Oh, and there's games.  Did we mention the games?

"I'm just so happy that my children are actually learning music and enjoying it, too."

Accent Music Academy is comfortable.  Engaging music, ensembles with friends, and group lessons develop the whole student in a relaxed, social, and nurturing environment.  Without even realizing it, students learn collaboration skills, leadership, and problem solving techniques.

"Josh loves Beethoven!  We listen to the Moonlight Sonata over and over.  I never would have guessed."

Accent Music Academy is user friendly.  Let's face it, life is complicated.  Music lessons shouldn't be.  We feature a simple, all-inclusive tuition structure, online scheduling, and payment plans to meet your family's needs.

"The Rhythm Cup games are great for family night.  The whole family joins in."